Call for Abstracts

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Due July 31, 2022

General Information

If you wish to present at this year’s conference, please prepare and submit an abstract via email to no later than July 31, 2022 for consideration. The topics of discussion with respect to vapor intrusion for this year’s event include:

  • Conceptual Site Models

  • Preferential Pathways

  • Limiting Liability/ Risk Management

  • PFAs in Vapor Intrusion

  • Mitigation of New or Existing Buildings

  • Legal Frameworks

  • The Future of VI

General Considerations

Abstracts must convey the information reviewers will need to: assess the scope of the topic for discussion and the data likely to be available at the time of the presentation; determine its relevance; compare it with other proposed presentations; and, if accepted for the program, assign it to an appropriate session.

Abstracts must be well written, clearly and concisely outlining the material being proposed for presentation. Abstracts with a pronounced commercial or marketing tone will not be accepted.


See the example abstract for format specifications.

  • Abstracts must be in English

  • Abstracts cannot exceed one standard-size page (8.5”x11”) of a Microsoft Word® document with 1-inch left/right/top/bottom margins

  • Abstracts should not include pictures or tables

Technical VI abstracts should be organized under the following required subheadings shown in the example abstract:

  • Background/Objectives

  • Approach/Activities

  • Results/Lessons Learned

Acceptance / Placement Notification

In early August, the corresponding/presenting author of each abstract will be notified by email of the placement decision.

If the abstract is accepted, the email will state the session and format (platform or poster) to which it will be assigned and provide information on preparing the presentation and submitting an updated abstract before the Conference.

Presenter Registration Requirement

Financial assistance is not available to support registration or other costs of attending the Conference. All presenting authors (platform and poster), session chairs and panel participants are expected to register and pay the standard technical-program registration fees. Registration fees are the major source of funding for the Conference and a significant percentage of registrants will make presentations or chair sessions. Speakers will be required to pay the full conference registration fee at the time of registration. We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit and this is our main fundraising event for fostering the Vapor Intrusion profession.

Terms & Conditions

The AVIP Conference Committee reserves the right to edit abstract content for required length, clarity, and for grammatical, punctuation, and capitalization errors. We reserve the right to decline any abstract that contains excessive promotional/marketing content and/or does not fit the technical scope.

By submitting the abstract, you confirm that the proposed content will be original and that you have obtained any necessary permission (e.g., client approval, copyright) for the content. The provided descriptions will be included in printed and online program information in part or in their entirety, as determined by the AVIP Conference Committee.

In addition, you agree to the following:

  1. AVIP will circulate the proposal for review among members of the Conference Committee.

  2. If the abstract is accepted for presentation, AVIP will include the description information submitted in the abstract in printed and digital materials as needed.

  3. AVIP may contact you and any authors appearing on the abstract with information about the 2022 Vapor Intrusion Conference.

  4. If you are not the designated Point-of-Contact or if the Point-of-Contact changes later, you will communicate these Submission Terms to them.