Call for VI Lab Proposals

Vapor Intrusion Lab Proposal - Due July 1, 2022

General Information

The Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP) Vapor Intrusion Lab will provide an opportunity for companies or individuals to demonstrate the use of a Vapor Intrusion technology, software, and/or tool during 1 day of the the round robin VI Lab session. This round robin session will allow you to present your information to all the attendees as they rotate through the VI labs presenting each day. You will have consecutive 15-minute session(s), hands-on demonstration, or user experience in designated space(s) located in the Exhibit Hall.

Proposals will be evaluated and, if accepted, the designated point-of-contact (POC) will be contacted with scheduling information. Acceptance is not guaranteed and final length, date, and time scheduled is determined by the AVIP Conference Committee. Demonstration dates and times will be assigned after all proposals have been received. A timeline of required due dates will be provided to the POC of accepted demonstration.

Submission Instructions

You will need the following information to submit an AVIP Vapor Intrusion Lab proposal:

  • Point-of-Contact. The person submitting the form is automatically listed as the POC and the Instructor unless that designation is changed when adding Co-Instructors. One person must be designated as the POC. This person will receive all communication from the AVIP Conference Committee and will be responsible for meeting the required due dates. If there is a change in the POC, please notify the AVIP Conference Committee immediately ( ).

  • Co-Instructors. Complete contact information—postal address, office phone number, and email address—for each Instructor that will participate in the demonstration.

  • Vapor Intrusion Lab Information. Title (used for program listing), Objective (1-2 sentences), Description (300 words max).

  • Additional Information. Presenters are responsible for providing laptops and/or specialty software. AVIP will provide internet access if required.

Terms & Conditions

The AVIP Conference Committee reserves the right to edit proposal content for required length, clarity, and for grammatical, punctuation, and capitalization errors. We reserve the right to decline any proposal that contains excessive promotional/marketing content and/or does not fit the technical scope.

By submitting the proposal, you confirm that the proposed content will be original and that you have obtained any necessary permission (e.g., client approval, copyright) for the content. The provided descriptions will be included in printed and online program information in part or in their entirety, as determined by the AVIP Conference Committee.

In addition, you agree to the following:

  1. AVIP will circulate the proposal for review among members of the Conference Committee.

  2. If the proposal is accepted for presentation, AVIP will include the description information submitted in the proposal in printed and digital materials as needed.

  3. AVIP may contact you and any authors appearing on the proposal with information about the 2022 Vapor Intrusion Conference.

  4. If you are not the designated Point-of-Contact or if the Point-of-Contact changes later, you will communicate these Submission Terms to them.

Content, Set-Up/Tear-Down, Materials Provided, and Registration

Content. The Vapor Intrusion Lab forum is not intended to be a sales platform. If you will be presenting a product, software, tool, technology, etc., that is sold by your company, company subsidiary, or client, please focus the presentation on teaching attendees how the product is used in the field and/or how it applies to the science. While a minimal amount of sales and marketing content is acceptable, it should not be the focus of the presentation. A few minutes of your demonstration time should be made available for audience Q&A.

Set-Up & Tear-Down. Presenters are responsible for set-up and tear-down of their materials within their allotted time slot.

Materials Provided.

    • A digital projector, wireless mouse, and projection screen for use during the Learning Lab. Laptop not provided. Presenters should utilize their own laptop, if needed, for demonstrations.

    • Display table with hard-wired internet access.

Registration. Instructor must be registered to attend the conference.